Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is amazing. Essentially, a gigantic sheet of ink-covered paper is laid across a blank shirt. The ink is pressed and heated, literally vaporizing the ink into vapor -- which then immediately binds to the fibers of the shirt. You can't feel the ink printed on top of the shirt, because it's not -- it's DYED into each individual thread. This creates an incredibly natural, smooth feel to the shirt -- and it's literally impossible for the image to crack or flake off over time like regular screenprinted shirts do. The colors will always stay vibrant and amazing as long as you live.
There's one small downside to sublimation printing, though. All sublimated shirts have characteristic white marks that appear in the armpit area, along seams, and in stretch-spots of the shirt. This is true for our galaxy shirts as well. Because of the way the shirt stretches (or doesn't) during printing, the ink misses some spots. These largely don't impact the overall design and feel of the shirt, but we felt we should let you know about them ahead of time so you can decide for yourselves. Here are some examples of what we're talking about:
White Spots on Tarantula Nebula Galaxy Shirt 1
Armpit spots are only visible if you're lifting your arms, and as you can see, even then they don't impact the beauty of the shirt
White Spots on Tarantula Nebula Galaxy Shirt 2
And here is some white action along the seams